Rainbow Moon trailer
posted on 05.04.12 at 11:22 AM EDT by (@salromano)
SideQuest CEO talks battle system.

SideQuest Studios released a new trailer for their upcoming PlayStation Network strategy RPG Rainbow Moon. The clip highlights an “addictive turn-based battle system” with “over 100 different special skills,” weapon and armor upgrades, and story details.

Additionally, SideQuest CEO Marcus Pukropski has taken to the PlayStation Blog to explain the game’s battle system. Battles can be triggered by both visible and random encounters. However, random encounters are “are 100% optional and can be disregarded if you so decide.”

Battles are set on a grid-based field and utilize a party of three. Players are given a number of command, the most important of which include “Move, Attack, Skill, Defend, Use and Item, and Escape.” You will be able to use over 120 special skills throughout your journey, which range from powerful attacks to support magic and other unique skills such as analyzing enemies. In using these skills you will encounter around 100 different enemies from 17 different classes.

“I will not go into all the details,” said Pukroski, “but I can promise you there’s a lot more than meets the eye. You will find different deployment grids, a wide variety of status conditions (poison and enchantments), weapon affinities, a BIAS system, passive skills, skill levels, speed bonus system, and so on.”

Rainbow Moon has not yet been dated. Watch the trailer below.

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