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Nomura on Final Fantasy VII remake
posted on 05.15.12 at 11:36 PM EST by (@salromano)
"New titles take precedence," says Nomura.

This week’s Famitsu features retrospectives on Final Fantasy VII and XI. In the Final Fantasy VII feature, character designer Tetsuya Nomura shares his thoughts on the game, a remake, and the series in general.

Here are some bullet quotes:

  • “I consider Kitase a worthy successor of Final Fantasy.”
  • “The new Final Fantasy must overcome the Final Fantasy of the past.”
  • “There are a lot of people who want a remake of Final Fantasy VII. However, new titles take precedence. We work our hardest to make something that might be even better than Final Fantasy VII.”
  • “At first Yuffie was planned to be an outlaw. There were going to be wanted posters in the street of the opener, one for each of the people you’d become friends.”

Thanks, Game Jouhou.

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  • acekida

    make a forking remake already

  • hush404

    Dude should forget interviews, forget remakes, forget Kindgom Hearts, forget walking his dog and just focus on VSXIII. I know it’s getting old, hearing that… but honestly, we don’t hear JACK about that game, but Nomura sure loves to talk about tons of other things.

    • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

      @hush404: He’s always getting asked =\ so blame the people asking

  • vertical09

    “The new Final Fantasy must overcome the Final Fantasy of the past.”

    “There are a lot of people who want a remake of Final Fantasy VII. However, new titles take precedence. We work our hardest to make something that might be even better than Final Fantasy VII.”

    It’s been really working out so far……

    • Viiral

      @vertical09: Haven’t you heard… I though everybody have heard.. that Square Enix went in profit due to FFXIII-2 and Deus Ex.

  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    I agree leave 7 alone,leave it be!!!!!

    • FaithlessMr

      So glad that someone agrees with me :) FF VII is a great game and should be left alone. I’m glad Nomura actually said this, SE needs to focus on new games rather than keep relying on former glories.

      If they do want to remake FF games, remake FF V and VI on the same vein as FF III and IV were remade for the DS. And I say as much because these aren’t certainly as easily acessible to everyone as FF VII is.

      • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

        @FaithlessMr: I say if they make a remake of games do it in hd,many people hate handhelds.

  • Hinano

    This man.

    If he’s ever at my doorstep, I will slap him.

    • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

      @Hinano: And I’ll pull a batman and slap you from the dark!

      • Hinano

        @KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler: That is impossible cause I’m batman!

        I’m sorry, but lately he’s become quite questionable.

        • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

          @Hinano: How so?

          And Im batman -_-

  • rockman29


    • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

      @rockman29: You shut up you …tool?…Yeaahh

  • Zero

    It’s not his fault that President Wada and Company won’t let him talk about Versus, or any other projects he might be working on. (KH3 possibly.)

    Back to the topic at hand, I’d be interested to read more from this particular article. Thanks for posting this. :)

    FF7 remake is always going to be a hot topic, and the same questions will always be asked.

    I can understand not wanting to work on an old game again, and let’s be honest, even if they somehow managed to make FF7 HD for PS3, it could never please everyone.

    I can see it now, the first trailer would be released and people would nit pick the hell out of it, the tiniest details would be criticized.

    A large group of people would label it a failure right from the start, based on the first damn trailer. Don’t try and tell me this wouldn’t happen.

  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    @Zero: Oh it would happen,Id be there waiting for the final product only to be disappointed with the mass amount of stupid things they would change


  • xMCXx

    Why remake something which was perfect?
    Finish Versus, already and then make KH3 and then retire. ; P

  • Dystopiq

    For f***’s sake, quit making these posts. 7 doesn’t need or merit a remake. Part of it’s charm came from it’s art style, whether it was intentional or due to the level of technology at the time. Change that, and you get a bastardized version. They should remake 5 or 6. 7 has already been milked enough.

  • ZackeryFair

    Oh shut the hell up, of course it should be re-made, so far all there games have been sh** ever since they were ghey enough to make Kingdom Hearts, Enix games suck like hell, honestly they shouldn’t even mess with Square games, The last game that was actually good was Final Fantasy X, All they’re trying to do now is make games look like F***ing movies, Final Fantasy XIII was retarded you got bosses that have way more HP than they should, and farming crap on there is terrible. Not to mention they’re arnt any stores on it, and the level up system is retarded and not original. It’s just a weird copy of Final Fantasy X. Which should have been the only game to have that type of leveling system, Honestly all they’re games have sucked a** ever since Enix took over the only newer game i’ve actually liked by them is Crisis Core. And the FFVII Movie which they made Cloud even more emo then he was. So yeah i’d be perfectly satisfyied with a Final Fantasy VII Remake cause they clearly need it. Heck i even have my own Final Fantasy Story that’d be way more interesting then all these new ones coming out. And they need to bring back original Turn-base and random battles.

  • Nightwolf009

    If they are not making the FFVII remake a priority, at the very least I think they should work on one section at a time while working on other projects. That will not slow down production too much on other projects and will give the community peace of mind that it is being worked on.

  • CloudStrife

    I have to agree with Zackery Fair in that the FF games made recently have been lacking in quite a few areas with the exception of Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus. What worries me is that Square Enix is so wrapt up and focused on surpassing the old that they end up making cheap rendtions of the old games. What is needed is a new way of viewing things. A remake of one of the best final fantasy games (Final Fantsy VII) might be just what Square Enix needs to brake the cycle of horrid games that they have trapped themselves in. Stop trying to out do yourselves and try to examin what made the past Final Fantasy games good.

  • Atreyis

    SquareSoft needs to remake Final Fantasy VII, not SquareSuck (I refuse to use their new company name since it fails). If I, and SquareSuck, both survive until the end of time there will never be another Final Fantasy game that I will love even remotely close to how much I love FFVII. I agree with Dystopiq, but only partially. Final Fantasy VII was perfect (past tense) when it was made. I remember spending just under 80 hours exploring every nook and cranny in that game before I finally decided to kill Safer Sephiroth (who, by the way, was a push-over compared to Bizzaro; neither of which were killed by me using KotR even once). The only two things I did not do were Emerald and Ruby weapons; though I plan to…eventually. However, SquareSoft needs to remake FFVII because it IS the best Final Fantasy game in all creation. Period. Any TRUE Final Fantasy fan will say the same (or a reasonable rendition thereof). They need to remake it with the same story, items, abilities/spells, characters, etcetera as the original while adding some new content to make it worthwhile for veterans. The main reason I want a remake is because I want to see what HD versions of the characters would look like (in-game not via Advent Children). Not to mention seeing how drool-worthy some of the spells would be. Then there’s the fact that I want a modern day version of FFVII with an options menu that will allow me to choose the voice-over language (Japanese games should be spoken in Japanese) so I’m not stuck with some stupid American who took one semester of Japanese in high school and using an online translator to give me a half-a**ed translation which is corny rather than beautiful. Then there’s the fact that the FFVII world would look awesome with modern graphics in HD on a 52+ inch widescreen Sony monitor…

    @ZacheryFair Did you bother reading the options when reaching a Save Point in FFXIII? The second (and only other option) clearly says SHOP. How else are you supposed to get items that do NOT drop from mobs or buy more potions/elixers? And as for bosses with too much health…have you tried killing the secret boss in FFVII:CC? Apparently not. I have not, but my friend has and if memory serves she (the boss is female) has upwards of 10 million health. You should try Diablo III’s Inferno difficulty sometime, THERE are some mobs with too much health, let alone bosses.

    • CloudStrife

      I agree on many points…I kind of wanted to see if they would fill in some of the unintentional holes in the plot, but more than anything I want to see what the fantastic world of Final Fantasy VII would look like in HD. Playing Crisis Core only deepened this desire. Besides as I said before a re-make of one on the best FF games ever made would bring in so much revenue,I fail to understand why Tetsuya Nomura and others can’t see that…..or maybe they have and they just don’t care. @Atreyis:

    • enix just sucks. They should better focus on their own games and stop ruin squaresoft

    •   A reoccurring theme with Squeenix games is that they’re either spin-offs of a Squaresoft game(Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts), ports, remakes, or anime/franchise based.

  • Look I agree with the remake of Final Fantasy VII, but put it on ps3 and I could care less if it goes to vita. If it also plays on vita…. that would be a bonus!!!!

    • Shenic Asakura

      Just because you chose to buy a PSVita instead of PS3? Don’t have it, buy it.

  • ceric

    Final Fantasy series has been one of my all time favorites. I still have
    the original collectors box set for VII for both PC and PS, and every
    game Square Enix put out.

    So take it from someone who is a big fan. Someone who sank thousands
    into the entire series.

    If you are going to remake VII, you better have the following.
    *The storyline must match the original.
    *Chocobo breeding tree, and skills must be the same
    *The materia better have all the original combination layouts
    *Even the easter eggs, and the game loops (like getting the trine spell
    earlier than supposed to) should remain.
    *More cinematics between cloud and tifa.
    *Yufi needs to have more special effects
    *OMFG You cant forget about the ship. It’s gotta be wicked cool to
    control it, much like the same feeling you have in Eve Online.

    Essentially, the entire game is simply been replaced with a wicked
    graphic facial.

    Plus IT Has to have the same… Playstation and PC cross.

    I also think it would be awesome, if it were online collaboratives.
    Groups of four people who choose one toon, and build up that toon, and materia.
    And are in teams by random selections based on skill levels.

    • Don’t forget actual dialogue with voice actors and not having to read conversations.

  • FFVII doesn’t need ANY remake. It’s just PERFECT the way it is. The remake will just ruin this legendary story. A legend doesn’t need to be re-made.

    Just make the side-story, spin-offs of FFVII in Compilation, or finish the FFVersusXIII, or develop FFXV.

    • And personally I don’t feel that FFVII is the BEST Final Fantasy. Because personally again, I think all Final Fantasy games are great. I’ve played and followed almost all Final Fantasy series: FF, FFII, FFIV, FFIV: Interlude, FFIV: The After Years, Crisis Core: FFVII, FFVII: Last Order, FVII, FFVII: Advent Children (Complete), FVII: Dirge of Cerberus, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFX-2, FFXII, Dissidia 012 Prologus FF, Dissidia 012 FF, Dissidia FF, etc. And they are all great in their own formats whether in 16-bit or in HD.

      If Square-Enix wants to remake FFVII, then I personally want to see ALL Final Fantasy games in HD. From FF to FFXII all in HD using FFXIII engine, the Crystal Tools. That will be awesome.

      Though I know that’s impossible.

      • you sir are completely wrong there are millions and millions that love and want the remake including myself. that right there out weighs the very very few that don’t. so go take your crap elsewhere plain and simple.

        • You do realize you are replying to a comment made 2 weeks ago? 

      • and ff7 is the best final fantasy millions say the same thing. so it is and has already been dubbed the best. so go put that in your *********

        Moderator – Edited out offensive comment.

  • This game really does need to be re-made, i’m sorry but you won’t release a remake because you want to try and make a better final fantasy than final fantasy 7?

    Excuse my language but that’s absolute crap.You have had six tries to do that, final fantasy from number 8 to 13 (not even counting the spin-offs) to try and make a better version and as good as some of them may be they are still nowhere near as good as 7 was. Even the spin-offs such as Crisis Core were absolutely amazing, I’m sorry but no one will ever love a Final Fantasy character as much as let’s say, Zach and Aerith…

    We aren’t asking you to change much, better graphics would suffice, and would help other generations who did not grow up with a playstation 1 as they would be immediately turned off by the graphics it has to offer. Sorry Square Enix but as a fan and an avid gamer I need to be realistic… You will never make another Final Fantasy game that surpasses number 7, feel free to keep making more of them in an attempt to prove me wrong but it’s quality, not quantity… 

    Why do you think so many people are requesting a remake for 7 and another another final fantasy game…

    • For some reason your comment was not showing up, sorry about that. I fixed the problem and removed the double post.

      • Yeah I was wondering that myself, Thanks for the help!

        • they remake almost every FF version but they still dont want to remake FF7 onwards except FFX. I just dun get it, like u already said they will never make a game that is as good as ff7 well maybe 13 versus will reach that lvl but they should stop with the lighting story >_> Maincharacters need something that cloud, squall or tidus have. And i miss the love stories^^ thats what completes the game

    • I guess I’ll be sworn at for like VIII way more than VII. Squall was just pure awesome.

  • i believe ff7 just needs new graphics because if you were to change anything in it a lot of the ff7 fans will be pissed and outraged, besides ff7 is the best game i have ever played in my life and i have played a lot of games that people say are good but nothing can compare to ff7, its the best game in the world

  • i believe ff7 just needs new graphics because if you were to change anything in it a lot of the ff7 fans will be pissed and outraged, besides ff7 is the best game i have ever played in my life and i have played a lot of games that people say are good but nothing can compare to ff7, its the best game in the world

  • Naryanxx84

    No hate to you Square but, your fans are right, Final Fantasy VII can not be dethroned. It would take something beyond Sephiroth, Shinra, the turks, Aerith, the materia system…it wont happen..Squaresoft set the bar with Final Fantasy VII. The game is loved by millions. Just remake FFVII Same story, same system model..If you want to make FFVII-2 I’m sure people will love that because they love the original cast of FFVII

  • Matt Reaves

    Making it better than 7 is not going to happen anytime soon especially if they keep on with this whole lightning story, versus seems like it’s going in the right direction, but i can’t be sure because i’m only going off of the very tiny bit of info and gameplay videos that i’ve seen because you know there still hasn’t been much information on it

    Anyway Noctis looks like a cool character, I’m not sure if there’s supposed to be a romance between him and stella in the game, but I kind of like the action oriented gameplay style similar to kingdom hearts that was shown for it because I love Kingdom hearts, I’m not against the old turn based style in anyway though, the only system I didn’t like was the one in 13

    12 might have suprised me at first but unlike 13 I learned real quick how to love it, just never got anywhere near close to liking xiii’s system though 

    maybe it’s just bad luck though this is 13 

    Bad luck goes in this way 13 and 13-2 were not really very good 

    then 13 versus the one we actually want never even see’s the light of day with any information or anything for 6 years now 

    and lets see 7 is a lucky supposedly a lucky number so maybe they just deal out according to a number system in which if it’s lucky the game is good unlucky the game is bad or we have to wait forever without knowing anything

    now i’m not superstitious that’s really just a joke but maybe once we get past the whole 13 mark we actually see a decent final fantasy game again

  • Marco Tinè

    The reaction of younger players is the main reason I’d like to see a FFVII remake. How would the game be judged today, without the filters of nostalgia and affection? After all, it’s a much slower paced title than XIII, and many of the clichés it established could paradoxically make it feel unoriginal or outdated. Impressions from players of different generations would clash in *very* interesting ways.

  • Teddybeloved

    I personally in my opinion liked 7 for all that it was then, but back then I wished the graphics were better and wished for vocals than having to read all the time. I feel it should be optional. However the personalities, the story, the villain, etc. I find understandable and interesting. No change other than graphics and sound is necessary. Newer games should be made cause its an interesting series and the stories are new and pure for there own styled world. The final to me comes into play when they finally accomplish reaching the end of there story and world..where you truly understand and love/hate each character including the villains they meet. Newer styles seem to want to make it movie like than game like or take a slight religious or political turn to it such as FFX, or FFXIII strangely it worked for its game style play. I feel and others may agree or disagree..everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you remake something you should keep the regular play style just up the graphics to the new age, and definitely not leave it only to a handheld. Im open to a branch of the story as well for side-lines that introduce the old characters after the extreme events such as Advent Children, but if that had been the game. I felt that would have truly had been it real ending of FF7 and truly awesome. The only reason FFXIII kinda works, but not well is because they are dipping in time and literally changing or questioning certain events. I assume it is this way because the company had competing ideas on what should have happened and wanted to give players a sample of a world where “what if you did it this way”. FF7 was truly magnificent of its time, especially with all the different summon choices, but let it stay the legend of its time I say. Work towards the a great FF story of today’s time and doesn’t have to compete with another because after all they all have a different struggle and story to tell despite using similar or familiar monsters and summons. This was just a thought to consider. I appreciate all that you done and have contributed just please don’t mess up a good thing..Strive for a better tomorrow. Quality sometimes can be better than quantity and vica versa. Don’t let people stress you out too much with their opinions, can’t impress everyone. 

    •  That is what Square Enix is trying to do and it has resulted in the horrid games we know as the FFXIII series

  • Final Fantasy 12 was the last great Final Fantasy…

    • Carlos Bak

      No disrespect Dan Mika. First off, names Carlos (im black and korean. not mexican) i have bought ff 12 and it was cool. the lame thing about it is that the gambit system makes the game to easy. If the fight style was more like dissidea(excuse my spelling) it would have been better.

  • To brcassell first let me stat that I do respect your opinion but personally I think VII is the best and I have played ALL the FF games and all the spin offs the story of 7 to me is just that epic and even though I love Sephiroth and Cloud, I am more of a Vincent and Cid guy myself so don’t go saying that everyone who loves FFVII is a complete and total tard for their OWN OPINION on which is the best FF game

  • I personally have played all the final fantasy series that have been released in the U.S. and unless Square Enix can create a legitimate sequal to ff7 (dirge of cerberus ps2 excluded) for the ps3. They will never be able to out do the original story line or game play. The only thing that they can do for ff7 is to revamp the graphics, add voices(Mark Hamil as Cloud) and expand the golden saucer.

  • Why dont they remake FF7 and adds Zack’s storyline from the PSP series and and Vincients game but with a better plot that would be the ultimate FF7 game.

  • Remake 6, with next gen graphics… then remake 7 then stop making crap like X-2, XIII, and XIII-2