Lollipop Chainsaw Special Edition includes Juliet
posted on 05.17.12 at 11:41 AM EST by (@salromano)
Life-sized robotic Juliet Starling does "anything and everything."

Warner Bros. and Grasshopper Manufacture have announced a special edition for Lollipop Chainsaw. Truly special, actually. The bundle includes a life-sized, robotic version of the game’s cheerleader zombie-slayer Juliet Starling (batteries not included). She’ll do everything and anything you want her to. Pricing has not yet been decided. Watch a promo clip below.

(Note: this post is not intended to be taken seriously.)

  • RyoonZ

    I’d totally buy that!!!

  • FearMonkey

    “Sayonara minna-san!”


  • NCloud

    And I thought the RE6 Special Edition was expensive :P

  • Genesis

    Lol oh my. That was quite the trailer lol

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    I’ll buy that for a dollar.

  • zakou

    Im sooo pre-ordering!! can’t wait for the “unboxing” if you know what i mean xD

  • Darkknightskiy

    I’d break her in a day…hope theres a good return policy

  • Zero