Kingdom Hearts 3D pre-order bonuses announced
posted on 05.11.12 at 09:09 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Reserve and receive three augmented reality cards.

Square Enix has announced pre-order incentives for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance in North America.

Consumers who reserve the game at participating retailers will receive a set of three augmented reality cards (while supplies last).

One wild AR card will randomly unlock one of the following three rare Dream Eaters: Ursa Circus, Sudo Neku or Meowjesty. The second AR card unlocks R&R Seal Dream Eater. And the third AR card unlocks the 360 degree viewing stand.

View artwork of the AR cards, as well as new screenshots of Twilight Town, at the gallery.

  • FaithlessMr

    Hmmm….what about Europe, SE? I already have this baby preordered at, hopefully the pre-order bonuses (if there are any for Europe) will apply for already made pre-orders, and not only for new pre-orders.

    I want that meowjesty that badly ;_;

  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    I just want to play this on my ps3 -_-

  • Malcolm Reynolds


    Cant believe I will have to sneak around with my daughters Pink 3DS to play this but alas….sometimes thems the breaks!

    • Locksus

      @Malcolm Reynolds:
      Lol gotta love the pink 3DS :-P manliness for the win!