Japanese trademarks: Unitia, Attack the Legend, Assault Union, more
posted on 05.17.12 at 01:05 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Marks from Namco, Konami, Nintendo, and Sega.

My Game News Flash has picked up the latest round of Japanese trademarks. Among the companies listed are Namco Bandai, Konami, Nintendo, and Sega. It’s worth noting that one of Namco Bandai’s trademarks, “Unitia,” is similar to the trademark “Tales of Unitia,” which they trademarked alongside Tales of Vesperia. Namco Bandai tends to register several Tales trademarks for each game, but has never reused those that didn’t make the cut. In this case, it looks like the “Unitia” registration is more related to something called “Tactics Unitia” than it is to Tales.

Get the list below.

Namco Bandai

  • Attack the LEGEND (2012-28818)
  • Super Squadron Heroes (2012-28999)
  • Assault Union (2012-30104)
  • Tactics Union (2012-30105)
  • Tactics Unitia (2012-30106)
  • Unitia (2012-30107)


  • Yuru Veggie Farm (2012-29389)
  • Ma Umi no Shinden (2012-29608)
  • Minna de Asobu Sangokushi (2012-30835)


  • Pocket Soccer League (2012-29971)


  • WIN W (2012-30336)
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