Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate announced for 3DS in Nintendo Power
posted on 05.29.12 at 01:18 PM EDT by (@salromano)

The latest issue of Nintendo Power reveals Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate is in development for 3DS at Mercury Steam.

This is likely what that recent Konami teaser site is hinting at.

GoNintendo summed up some details:

  • Involves Trevor Belmont.
  • It features deep combat mechanics.
  • You will fight with Trevor’s version of the Combat Cross.
  • Press ‘X’ for strong attacks; ‘Y’ for wide-reaching attacks.
  • Secondary weapons include a boomerang-like glaive and an electric bomb. These are used with the ‘A’ button.
  • You can grab enemies with the ‘R’ button; ‘L’ is to block and dodge.
  • The game involves light and shadow magic returns.
  • Earning experience points unlocks new combos, including: launching enemies into the air, smashing them to the ground, and more.
  • Expect skeletons, axe-wielding undead, and other enemies.
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