First look at Killer is Dead concept art

No screenshots quite yet.

April 4, 2012 / 01:49 PM EDT / (@salromano)

Our first look at Killer is Dead, Grasshopper Manufacture’s latest announcement, doesn’t come in the form of screenshots. Today’s first look included only two pieces of concept art:

According to Kadokawa Games CEO Yoshimi Yasuda, Killer is Dead is being planned for a worldwide release in 2013.

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  • Genesis

    I am loving the direction so far. From the name to what is known of the story. Suda51 ftw!!

  • hush404

    Can someone tell me just how it is that GM seems to just tackle much different themes and styles in nearly every game they do and do so in a speedy manner? No other studio that I know, is this diverse and quick to produce a decent project one after another.

    • Chaos Raiden


      It shows that Grasshopper Manufacture is flexible enough to develop different and new games compared with other developers.

    • ayman

      @hush404: because they’re the best ? anyway, I kinda feel that every next game they develop, it appeals to more audience, maybe that will be a little disappointing for some, but at least it’s original and stylish

      the 2 artworks made my day and the whole annoincement, it’s strange that they didn’t talk about Akira Yamaoka

  • RyoonZ

    Sold!!! Suda51′s game is always awesome not to mention it always give me a boner :p