Capcom x Sega x Namco Bandai crossover announced as Project X Zone
posted on 04.10.12 at 09:06 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Strategy RPG featuring an array of characters.

This week’s Famitsu has revealed the mysterious Namco Bandai, Sega, and Capcom 3DS crossover title as a strategy RPG titled Project X Zone

The game features key characters from each company, teamed up in pairs of two for combat. Here’s who we’re looking at, so far:


  • Ryu and Ken (Street Fighter)
  • Mega Man X and Zero (Mega Man X)
  • Demitri (Darkstalkers) and Dante (Devil May Cry)
  • Chris and Jill (Resident Evil)


  • Shinguji Sakura and Ogami Ichiro (Sakura Wars)
  • Pai and Akira (Virtua FIghter)
  • Kurt and Riela (Valkyria Chronicles)
  • Ulala (Space Channel 5) and Touma (Shining Force)

Namco Bandai

  • Sanger Somvold (Super Robot Wars)
  • Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken)
  • Kos-Mos and T-elos (Xenosaga)
  • Yuri and Estellise (Tales of Vesperia)
  • Kaito and Black Rose (.hack)

The first trailer for the game will be shown later this month.

Thanks, Sinobi.

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