Cobalt Blue and Fire Emblem 3DS, new bundles coming to Japan
posted on 02.29.12 at 11:49 PM EDT by (@salromano)
The big question: will they come west?

A new 3DS color, design, and set of bundles are coming to Japan.

A “Cobalt Blue” 3DS will be released on March 22 for 15,000 yen (with tax).

A Monster Hunter Tri G Hunter Pack (available in black and red) will be released on March 17 for 19,800 yen (with tax).

A Super Mario 3D Land Pack (available in white and pink) will be released on March 24 for 19,800 yen (with tax). It will include a download copy of the original Super Mario Bros.

A limited quantity Fire Emblem: Awakening Special Pack will be released on April 19 for 19,800 yen (with tax). The 3DS will feature a custom design. The bundle will include a 1,000 yen Fire Emblem point card.

Read the full press release here.

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