Kojima wanted Kamiya for Metal Gear Rising
posted on 12.13.11 at 09:41 PM EDT by (@salromano)
But then there'd be delays and fights, says Inaba.

Hideki Kamiya, creator of Devil May Cry and director of Bayonetta, isn’t directing Metal Gear Rising. Though, he was Kojima Productions boss Hideo Kojima’s first request upon signing the company to the Metal Gear Solid spinoff.

“The first thing I told Inaba when we started to work together on Metal Gear Rising was that I wanted Kamiya to direct the game,” Kojima told EGM. “But then Inaba told me, ‘If you work with Kamiya, you will be delayed. In fact, you will be very delayed!’ So, that option was out. Besides, Kamiya told me that there’s this old Konami Famicom game called The Legend of Getsu Fūma that he loves, and that’s the only Konami property he wants to work on with me. So, we’ll have to see about that.”

The two developer legends wouldn’t have always seen eye to eye, anyway, according to Rising producer Atsushi Inaba.

“I was worried about the schedule,” he said, “but more than that, I could clearly see that at some point, if they worked together, Kojima and Kamiya were going to have a huge fight, and I’d have to step in as the producer. I didn’t want any part of that. I’d love to see them fight, but not if I have to be involved!”

So then who will take the position as developer on this game risen from development hell?

“It’s someone from Platinum,” Kojima said.

And he said no more.

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