Sega aiming for new Sonic standard in 2012
posted on 11.04.11 at 12:52 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Producer Takashi Iizuka speaks on the series.

In 2006, Sega released the first Sonic title for the current generation, simply titled Sonic the Hedgehog. It was considered a new beginning, thus the name. According to Sonic series producer Takashi Iizuka, 2012 may see a new start to the series, as well.

“I wouldn’t say that I think Generations is a new start. Instead, it’s more of the peaks of the past 20 years, is the way we’re approaching this,” Iizuka told Gamasutra. “Generations is about taking the past 20 years of history and rolling it into one really fun product. I think, as a result, I would like to make a new standard Sonic, a modern Sonic if you will, in 2012 and beyond.”

Will wee see a new Sonic the Hedgehog next year (but, you know, actually good)? Only time will tell where Sega will go.

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