Namco Bandai to absorb Tales Studio
posted on 11.20.11 at 07:37 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Tales developer dissolving to Namco Bandai.

Namco Tales Studio, responsible for development on Namco Bandai’s Tales role-playing game series, will be absorbed into the Namco Bandai Games label on January 1, the company announced.

The studio, formed on March 20, 2003, employs 109 staff (as of April this year).

The studio’s dissolution is likely a situation where it will no longer exist as a company, but still continue to create Tales games under the Namco Bandai Games label. It’s currently developing Tales of Innocence R and Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave for release in January and February 2012, respectively. A Tales of Xillia animation was recently rumored, as well.

Read the PDF announcement (in Japanese) here.

Thanks, Hachimaki.

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