Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V set in Los Angeles, has multiple playable characters
posted on 10.25.11 at 06:46 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Because we demand information.

Following its official announcement early this morning, a new Kotaku rumor echoes past Grand Theft Auto V whispers: it will be set in Los Angeles, according to the site.

“Multiple sources” have told the site the game will feature more than one playable character, similar to Grand Theft Auto IV, where if you purchased all the downloadable content, you could play as either Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz or Luis Lopez, each with their own story to experience.

Rockstar Games did not respond to the site’s request for comment.

The debut trailer of Grand Theft Auto V will release on November 2.

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  • Sal Romano

    The wait for next Wednesday will be a painful one.

  • FemmeFox

    If the multiple characters turns out to be true I hope for a female choice. I loved in SR2 that I could be a woman and choose 1 of 3 voices to go with her. Ive been hoping GTA would do this sooner or later to draw me in again. n_n

  • I don’t know the future of GTA, but I ask What will be the future of Uncharted? See:

  • I’m all for multiple playable characters, but Im unsure about the game being set in a real life location. Yes, the cities in GTA have always echoed real American cities, but at the same time they had their own feel (imo, remember I have never been to the US). If anything, I’d like it more if the game went back to Vice City.