Namco: Tales of Vesperia exclusivity contract was “false information”
posted on 06.27.11 at 12:27 PM EDT by (@salromano)

Namco Europe Junior Community Manager Charlotte Toci has retracted her statement from April, where she claimed a Microsoft exclusivity contract was preventing Tales of Vesperia from seeing a PlayStation 3 release in the west. Her statement, issued on Facebook, apologizes for wrongly “sharing a false information to fans.”

Here’s the thing in full:

A few months ago I replied to a fan who asked me why Tales of Vesperia wasn’t localized in Europe on my Facebook page. I replied that it was because of a Microsoft exclusivity, thinking that that was the reason why, even though I didn’t have any official information on that.

I was wrong to do so, and sadly my reply was relayed on many websites, thus sharing a false information to fans around the web.

I would like to send my sincere apologies to all the Tales Series fans I have wrongly informed, and Microsoft & Namco Bandai for any damage that might have been caused with this.

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