Tales of Vesperia hits Xbox LIVE Games on Demand

April 6, 2011 / 06:39 AM EDT / (@salromano)

Tales of Vesperia, easily one of the best Japanese role-playing games this generation, has been released on Xbox LIVE Games on Demand. If you’re an RPG fan and you’ve yet to play it, consider this your calling.

Normally the Games on Demand deals aren’t so great — you’d be best off buying a game used, instead. With Vesperia, however, it actually works out. Used copies are hard to find in stores and the game averages at around $30-40 pre-owned on eBay. Games on Demand will give it to you for $29.99. Queue it up here.

I must admit, I do find the timing peculiar. First news of the anime film localization and now a re-release on Xbox LIVE? Could we be on the horizon of the long-awaited PlayStation 3 announcement?

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  • Kkdog4Sado

    I hope so Sal, although I imported like a year ago, I’ll gladly rebuy English.
    Bamco is hilariously bad at this Tales business recently.

  • sheppard00

    Fuck, they better release Vesperia in PSN too.

  • Adurna012

    Man, I hope they release it on the PS3. Me and my friend have played through it a few times together on Xbox but we really want to play the real version of the game.

  • http://myanimelist.net/profile/PrinceHeir# PrinceHeir

    yes please Vesperia on PS3 please.

    more content FTW :P

  • talesoffan

    Can’t believe we don’t have Vesperia PS3. How hard could it be?

  • AdamBoy64

    Oh, excellent, this ‘games-on-demand’ version has also hit PAL regions.
    This is good news, as the PAL version is really hard to find. Hopefully it’ll help get more ‘europe’ gamers into Vesperia.