Report: Nintendo to unveil high-def console at E3
posted on 04.14.11 at 08:12 PM EDT by (@salromano)

Nintendo is preparing to reveal their first step into the high-definition console market between now and E3 2011, multiple sources have revealed.

The console will sport an all-new controller, complete with a built-in high-definition screen. Though, it’s unclear what the screen will be used for.

“The hardware is even more powerful than current HD consoles and backwards compatible with Wii,” a source told CVG. “The controller will be all-new and has a HD screen on it.”

“Nintendo’s plans sound unreal,” another source told the site. “Publishers are already planning launch titles and it’s all very exciting.”

According to a source of, the new Nintendo console will be “significantly more powerful than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360”, can do 1080p, and is “Nintendo’s intent to recapture the hardcore market.” A Kotaku source has backed these statements.

The pre-announcement of the console is planned for sometime this month and a full reveal for E3 in June, according to a source of Game Informer.

“Nintendo is doing this one right,” an anonymous source told Game Informer. “[It’s] not a gimmick like the Wii.”

The multiple reports across various respected publications point towards legitimacy in this ‘high-def Nintendo console’ case.

If the company were to enter the high-definition market, it could allow for ‘hardcore’ games like Bulletstorm, Portal, Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto and Fallout to release on a Nintendo platform.

Nintendo HD, as we’re dubbing it, will launch in late 2012.

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