Namco Bandai has “great plans” for Tales series

April 11, 2011 / 12:42 PM EDT / (@salromano)

The recent digital release of Tales of Vesperia on Xbox 360′s ‘Games on Demand’ service was only the start. The publisher has told Official Xbox Magazine that it has “great plans” for the series.

“We have great plans for the Tales series and we are truly focused on listening to the communities and their wants – especially through Twitter feeds, Facebook, forums etc,” Namco Bandai UK marketing director Lee Kirton told OXM.

“We are also looking into new ways of releasing great titles like this.”

Tales of Graces F, a PlayStation 3-enhanced version of a Wii-only title in Japan, has already been announced for release in North America. What more awaits is up to Namco Bandai to reveal.

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  • Jackle

    Great plans as in, I don’t know…releasing Tales of Vesperia on the PS3?

  • sheppard00

    Omfg i’m gonna wait a bit because i don’t like how looks all this. And more coming from Namco, it could be the 3rd world war…

  • narutomaki

    so PS3 Vesperia is coming then Namco?

  • kdashkula

    It sounds like they have a great plan for Tales on XBOX. What if they release TOV ps3 version on XBOX360

  • talesoffan

    Better be great plans to release Tales games in the west on the PS3 including Vesperia and Xillia.

  • PrinceHeir

    Vesperia and Xillia for western release plox :P



  • todr06

    This cite is like the central hub for Vesperia PS3 whining. There’s not much profit that can be derived from a two-year-old port, it’s REALLY not that hard to figure out.

    • AdamBoy64

      Well, I haven’t seen too much Vesperia PS3 whining on this ‘cite’, as you call it. But I think it’d sell quite well, just like it did in Japan. Probably not as well as a new title, but when considering the amount of expenditure required to release it, I think it’d be worth the effort.

      • todr06

        Criticizing my accidental spelling slip-up, are we? Regardless, this place is pretty much “BOO WII GAME PORT-UP, WE WANT A GAME THAT’S ALREADY BEEN RELEASED HERE BEFORE INSTEAD OF SOMETHING COMPLETELY NEW.”

        But if they were to choose to localize Vesperia PS3 (and I doubt they ever will), they’d have to market the title all over again. Perhaps doubly so, because the longer a game is out on another console, the less chance a port has of selling, effectively offsetting any kind of advantages they may have when it comes to the amount of work translated and the voicework that is currently done on the project. And we all know how scarce advertising is for this series, anyway. Most people will probably see the game in the stores and think, “oh, I played this on Xbox 360 two years ago” and go on with their lives. Titles like Xillia are better choices, as there are completely new entries in the series for them to be localizing.

        All that aside, Namco has never focused on two Tales titles at the same time except in 2008, and that was only because it was the series’ tenth anniversary in the United States. Expecting a company that just recently endured a set of financial failures to focus on a port of a previously released title in a relatively niche JRPG series is expecting altogether too much.

        And before you all start getting your panties in a bunch, I’ve played Vesperia PS3. Yes, the extras are nice, but it’s largely the same game that was released here for the Xbox 360. The core experience really isn’t that much different, and, for most fans, wouldn’t be preferable to the localization of a completely new game.

        • AdamBoy64

          I just thought it was a strange spelling mistake to make.. but no offence intended.

          I think -all- fans would (or those that don’t, really should) far prefer to have a new game localised, but it’s just more expenditure required then for a game that’s already mostly localised.

          And yes, Namco aren’t silly enough (thank Goodness) to release two Tales games at once. That would be a disaster.

          My feeling would be that if ToV was going to have a re-release with the full content, it would be by the end of the year. Recently, the ToV movie getting ‘localised’, and Vesperia X360 being added to the Xbox Live Download service (great news, especially for PAL owners), are good signs though.

          On the other hand, however, with Namco being pretty quiet about ToG:F localisation, and not really saying anything at all in the last few months – it’s looking a bit doubtful.
          I’m starting to have doubts about ToG:F now.. lolz.

          At the end of the day, Namco are going to (and they should) pick whatever option is going to yield them the greater profit.
          I don’t really know what option that is – I can see the argument both ways.

          I have hope that these ‘great plans’ of Namco’s, turn into ‘great surprises’.

    • Zero

      They don’t have to release it on a disc. They could release it on PSN, and it would cost less and make profit, that’s for sure. The game has so much dlc with it, I’m sure they could release some bundles and fans would buy it.

      All sorts of possibilities, and it’s almost like a brand new game story wise. I wouldn’t quite call it a port, more like a really awesome expansion, or something. :)

  • sheppard00

    Oh come on guys, Namco is the evil…all they want is OUR souls and money…and they corruct the mind of the weak people with games like Tales o Vesperia…stay away from them…

    Now serious, i could love to see Vesperia for ps3 but not gonna happen guys. I doubt that they even bother to release the game for Psn in the japanese store.
    All i want is Tales of Graces F confirmed now, and Xillia soon at some point.

    About the news their “Great plans”, let’s wait a bit before get another nice disappointment. We just started the year and got enough of that shit.

  • talesoffan

    They could release Tales of Vesperia PS3 very soon or maybe could have already. Then Graces f later like they seen to be doing anyway. PS3 owners have been waiting all gen for a Tales game. Seems like some of you guys are just scared Vesperia won’t sell enough.

  • Kaizus

    I don’t mean to be “that guy”, but I think Tales of Vesperia is done here in America. It’s on the 360. If you want to play it, then find a way to play it. It would be quite strange to have two versions of the same game flying around while the one for the PS3 has more features and the 360 one is the original.
    Also, call me crazy, the fact that they gave this interview to Xbox Magazine makes me think that there will be more Tales games for the 360. Hopefully Tales of Graces f is a multi-plat release, which would be totally awesome. I don’t own a PS3 and don’t really plan on buying one, so I suppose I’m a bit biased. But that’s life.
    Releasing a game on PSN would just be a waste. Chances are the download time would be ridiculous and they would probably charge the same for a game anyway. It’s true it would lack a physical form, but I doubt it would happen. It just seems…like it would be a waste of time.

    I dunno. I’m just hoping that there are more Tales games released here in America for the various platforms. If it’s only released on the 360, the PS3 owners will whine and whine and whine. It would be the same if it’s only released on the PS3.

    That’s just my shtick. I’ll be expecting people to reply with various things as “OMG U R DUMB” or “lol buy a PS3″. But oh well. I think we all agree that Tales games are totally awesome and that Namco Bandai should release all of them for all systems.

    • AdamBoy64

      Good thoughts, good thoughts indeed.
      As you said, the ‘fanboys’ are always going to whinge about their console not having a Tales game, one way or the other.

      It does get to the point, as you’ve alluded, that if you really love a game or a series, you’ll do what it takes to get the console. Or.. find a way.

      Having Vesperia on 360 and PS3 flying around has worked well in Japan. It was a very good marketing technique, looking back. Got them a heap more sales. Clever indeed. Hard to see whether the same thing would work ‘here’ (let’s say here as NTSC regions).

      It may, it may not. They may not see the money required to localise Vesperia PS3 translating to enough sales. It may also work the other way, they might see the cheap option of putting Vesperia back out there better value than the expenditure of a full localisation of a new game. A cheap way to keep fans quiet.. lolz.

      I guess that decision is up to Namco to make.

      Either way, I’m happy that we do have Graces F localised coming to some
      console(s). And.. I hope it sells very well.

  • ekka4shiki

    Since they told Official Xbox Magazine and not the Playstation Magazine , i take that as new tales game for 360 , not Vesperia for PS3 …
    Xillia for 360 please …

  • JTX09

    To everybody saying theyre talking about a new 360 Tales just because they told OXM, you are obviously missing the key infos.

    1. ToV just came out on XBL.
    2. The guy they talked to is a PR manager.
    3. OXM most likely went to them after ToV on XBL came out.
    4. ToX or ToGf on 360 would cost Namco unnecessary spending. ToV PS3 though is already ported.

  • Kaizus

    Call me a logical person, but why would you talk to a console’s magazine about a series and then fail to deliver in the future? That would be like going to a store, having a salesperson tell you that they’ll get an item you really want in the future, then finding out that it will only be at an opposing store on the other side of town. It would just not be logical.
    Namco needs to keep us Tales fans content. Otherwise, there will probably be riots in the streets.
    Who knows, though. Namco Bandai is crazy.

  • Zero

    They might already have the game localized, which would take quite a bit of the work out of it. Downloading stuff on psn is very smooth, and I doubt the game would be that large, lots of people buy games that are 4gb+ on the PSN.

    The simple solution would be to release the game on pc, but that’s not happening lol.

    The movie is soon to be released outside of Japan, and they never brought over the PSP game Tales of Versus. I can see possible bundles if they want to to a disc release.

    They don’t really need to do tv ads or anything, the audience they are targeting check emails, watches game videos online, and stuff like that.

    I don’t think its that absurd of an idea…. honestly, it would be like saying Atlus will never release Persona 3 Portable outside of Japan.

    They would have to market the game again, it only has a few new things, and people would not buy it again!

    Perhaps, but that didn’t stop Atlus from releasing it, same thing could happen with Vesperia.

    Also, this is not the same game that released on 360, I own the 360 version, finished it 3 times, got all the achievements.

    Despite that, after finding out about the PS3 version, I was also skeptical. I thought to myself, why would I want to play the same game again. Then I decided to do some research, and found out that the main plot is changed, it has a new main character, Flynn’s role in the game is changed…I could go on and on, but the point is, it is not the same game.

    Once that had become clear to me, I wanted it even more. I can still only hope they decide to release it…because, if not, I might have to resort to a fan translation project of some sort.

  • AdamBoy64

    I just wanted to add to my previous thoughts.
    I don’t think Namco would pull another X360 exclusive Tales game.

    If they try that again, we wouldn’t ever hear from them again.
    The Tales fans in Japan would burn down their HQ to the ground.

  • Kaizus

    For all we know, Namco has all Tales games localized and mass produced, sitting in a warehouse somewhere in the middle of Kansas.
    I just want a new Tales game. That’s all. I’d prefer Tales of Graces f over a release of the PS3 Vesperia. It’s STILL the same game. It just has a few new bells and whistles. Tales of Graces f, on the other hand, will be something new. I like new things.

  • Sal Romano

    I honestly don’t think all hope is lost for Tales of Vesperia on PlayStation 3.

    I’m super glad that we’re getting Tales of Graces f in North America. It’s a fresh new adventure, ripe and yet to be experienced by English-speaking audiences. I’ll definitely be picking up two copies on the first day, just so I can keep one sealed.

    But the case with Vesperia is still a big issue for me. I’ve played many Tales games over the years — Destiny, Symphonia, Abyss, Vesperia, Symphonia II, it goes on — but none of them have captivated me as much as Vesperia did (besides Abyss, maybe). It’s not about the game releasing on PlayStation 3, it’s about the large chunk of additional content included in the PS3 version. The story’s been so heavily altered to allow for the inclusion of Patty and Flynn that it’s probably so vastly different in dialogue. Then toss in new bosses, remodeled towns, new towns, new dungeons, new artes, full-script voice acting, and all those other little bits — any multiplatform Vesperia lover should be dying to get their hands on this in English.