Fans to translate Tales of Vesperia for PS3

English version to arrive, unofficially.

January 2, 2011 / 01:29 PM EDT / (@salromano)

The team behind the upcoming fan translation of Tales of Graces for Wii has made a firm decision on their next undertaking. Tales of Vesperia for PlayStation 3, it is.

The team confirmed the news in a Twitter update: “It looks like we’re taking up PS3 Vesperia. Now looking for experienced translators, prefer ~JLPT lv2. We will provide coding, editors, etc.”

When released, the translation will come in the form of a patch that users with PlayStation 3s capable of ‘jailbreaking’ can apply to their game. As of now, only a PlayStation 3 with firmware v3.41 is qualified.

We’re still fighting for official localization from Namco Bandai, but if the company — for whatever strange reasons they may have — decides to leave Tales of Vesperia for PlayStation 3 in Japan, then this is the next best thing.

Tales of Vesperia PS3 English Translation Group []

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  • Chainermike

    looks like i’ll be skiping any updates for the ps3 now in hopes that jailbreaking catches up by the time this hits. And with only JLPT lvl 4 under my belt looks like i will be of no help with this, TIME TO HIT TEH BOOKS.

  • Blades64

    This is awesome news. :)

  • talesoffan

    Great News! My PS3 will finally get to play this game.

  • Kkdog4Sado

    This is getting ridiculous, I love Vesperia just as much as whoever but Namco is obviously being dumb, I think we should just let it go for a little.

    It’s honestly starting to bother me.

  • AdamBoy64

    Well, good on them. Hope the project goes well for them.

  • PrinceHeir

    i think it sad how fans have to step it up just to localize this game to western people(even not updating your PS3 will not let you play online thus you are not entitled to buy vesperia DLC content, which features KOS-MOS for christ sake)

    damn you namco, just give us the PS3 titles and if the games proves to be successful release the other titles on the portable side.

    • Sal Romano

      You’re right, it is sad.

      It’s sad that the fans apparently care more about the fate of the franchise than the company that created it.

  • Rezar

    Namco is starting to go downhill. The only series I remember that does well is SoulCalibur and Tekken. They need to bring the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia over. It’s basically the same game as it’s 360 counterpart with one new party member and costumes. I don’t know what the big deal with Namco is but there is a pretty decent fanbase for the Tales Saga outside of Japan.

  • Chaos Raiden

    Awesome. ^_^ Hopefully, they will translate Tales of Graces F as well

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    This is interesting… I’ll get a used ps3 if this is the only way to play tales!

  • Yuri4prez

    Oh bless the dedicated few that are willing to take up this task, but damn Namco stright to hell. This should not have to be done.

    I hope Sony finds out about this, and maybe decides to back Namco for localization so there are no more jailbreak units than there already are.

  • Blades64

    @Chaos Raiden: they’re gonna translate this after they’re finished with Graces, and it’s confirmed that the translation they’re working on will also be able to work on Tales of Graces F. :)

    Although I want Vesperia more, Graces F will be a good way to pass time. :D

  • Zero

    This will probably take quite a while to do. The sad thing is, Sony will do whatever it takes to make this nearly impossible. Not because of the Tales fans, but the piracy part.

    Sure, they can’t stop the jail breaking for good, they can only patch the firmware. This makes it troublesome for us, the gamers. I’m sure many new games will release and only be playable on specific firmware. Not to mention trophies and things like that will probably be out of the question.

    Also, I don’t really want to jailbreak my PS3, I like supporting Sony and the developers out there by purchasing the games.


    Anyways, best of luck to these guys.

  • Sal Romano

    The ‘official’ site for the fan translation has opened. I’ve attached it to the end of the article. You can access it through the link below, as well.

  • whiteferrero

    sigh. stupid namco. i wish they’d just translate the damn game. btw, if this is from the same team that translated innocence then i’m sure they’d do a great job. kudos to you people that let me enjoy innocence! :D Your translations were superb and are true to the characters.

    • Blades64

      It’s a different translation team. Absolute Zero translated Innocence, but I’m not sure what this team is called. I just call em the “Graces Team”, lol. No worries tho; judging from the Graces F PS3 demo english patch they released. They’ll do a great job!

  • MooMetal

    I bought an Xbox 360 for Halo: Reach, the second game i got was Tales of Symphonia. I would really like to replay the game on my PS3 with all the new additional content.