Silent Hill 8 to be more traditional, says Vatra boss
posted on 10.04.10 at 07:31 PM EDT by (@salromano)

Silent Hill 8 will be more in harmony with earlier games in the franchise, a new interview between Zive and Vatra Games boss Matthew Seymour has revealed. Rather than an action-oriented title like Silent Hill: Homecoming, the team is focusing more of a psychological horror title, with their main inspiration being Silent Hill 2.

According to Seymour, a story-driven game with complex subtext and mystery is the team’s main goal in developing Silent Hill 8. Players will uncover the main character’s past and discover the reason why he ended up in the town of Silent Hill. They chose making the protagonist a prisoner as it offers fresh meat to the Silent Hill universe. Seymour mentions something about the character’s life in prison and inmate revenge during the interview, as well.

A lot of fans were upset to hear that Team Silent wasn’t developing this new Silent Hill, but Seymour says the team never really existed, aside from a few key people. He does assure fans that they are working closely with those key people, though, and that Konami has a strong influence on the game’s development, as well; Konami can order Vatra to change any bit of the game they feel unfit.

To fans of the movie, Seymour says that while they enjoyed watching it, they’re not pulling any inspiration from it for Silent Hill 8.

Thanks, Silent Hill Heaven.

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