Tetsuya Nomura discusses Kingdom Hearts III
posted on 09.27.10 at 06:01 AM EDT by (@salromano)

During a recent interview with EGMi, Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura took some time to address the development of Kingdom Hearts III.

“For any sequel of the mainstream storyline of the Kingdom Hearts series, that would be Kingdom Hearts III,” he told the magazine. “But the problem is that the opportunity of developing the sequel is not currently [possible]. The team is busy, I am busy.”

Nomura’s already preparing for the game’s development though, even with his busy schedule.

“I’m thinking about what’s going to be next after Kingdom Hearts II, the future that is Kingdom Hearts III. Time has nearly come to [work on] that concept.”

As to whether or not the game will be on this generation of consoles, Nomura says: “Yes it might be possible. It is my desire to develop the next Kingdom Hearts on the existing platform, but the problem with a new console is that it has new technical requirements… So, yes, I’m willing to create something on the existing console because when we aim for another non-existing future console, the release of the title will be far in the future. That’s my concern.”

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