Dead Space 2 debut trailer emerges from the dead

April 30, 2010 / 06:59 AM EDT / (@salromano)

EA’s let loose the debut trailer for Visceral’s Dead Space 2. The trailer features a lot of ink blots, creepy voices, and finally a look at Issac Clark.

“You can’t run from him forever”, Issac. “It’s not over between us.”

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  • Palitococo

    This game gonna rip my head off, im hoping that its gonna be at least too good like the first.

    offttopic: im in love with the new look of scrawfx, since i met this website im spread the word in forums and to my pals, now i keeping doing with more energy, please keep the good work, with patience and time it gonna pay off!!!!

  • TezChi

    Great teaser trailer. I love Dead Space 1 and cant wait to see more from the sequel. One of EA’s best new IPs this gen imo

  • AiQi

    Damn, i cant wait…Original Dead Space was awesome, i hope this one will be even better.