Irem: Steambot Chronicles 2 still in development
posted on 03.03.10 at 05:42 PM EDT by (@salromano)

We haven’t heard from Irem’s Steambot Chronicles 2 (Bumpy Trot 2 in Japan) for some time now. It was almost a year ago we last saw the game in a magazine scan. So I contacted Irem to get an update on the game’s development status.

“We are still developing Bumpy Trot 2,” an Irem rep responded. “We are now trying to release it in Japan as soon as we can.”

When will we receive new information on the title?

“The release date of new information for Bumpy Trot 2 has not yet decided,” the rep told me.

Have Irem any plans to release it outside Japan?

“We are sorry, but the plans for releasing it in other countries have not yet decided.”

Well, that’s that. The first Steambot Chronicles came to the west, so I see no reason why the second wouldn’t.