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Final Fantasy XIII marketing onslaught begins for Japan
posted on 11.29.09 at 10:57 AM EST by (@salromano)


The final stage in Final Fantasy XIII‘s Japanese marketing has begun, now starting its full take over in Japan. Walking through the streets of the city, you’ll see walls plastered with ads, videos playing on buildings, etc. Turning on your TV, you will see countless commercials for the game.

Why the sudden onslaught of ads? The game releases on December 17 in Japan. It has begun.

These two images are just two tiny displays of Final Fantasy XIII‘s marketing in Japan. The first poster can probably be found all over any game store in Japan, while the second poster can be seen in the streets of Japan.



Then you’ll find these on every corner:




Here’s an example at what’s going on in the streets of Tokyo video-wise. Japan’s building up hype for the game even as they walk to work in the morning.

A rather weird ad that’s being shown on Japanese TV sets features a classroom of students, where we see a teacher conversing with a school girl, where he tells her he will be absent from class the following day. The student asks him “Why?”. He tells her, “It’s been three years since I’ve been waiting for this day.” The teacher is skipping class to go home and play Final Fantasy XIII. Wise move on his part. The students should do the same.

These next two clips are not even for the Final Fantasy XIII game, but for the Elixir drink that can be bought in Japanese stores. Although, the Elixir is promoting the game, so I guess you can say these commercials are for the game, too.

Finally, there’s this ad we showed you the other day. In light of all these videos, we’ll post it for ya again. This one’s for the actual game.

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  • They always seem to have amazing advertisments in Japan for games. These are all brilliant!

  • Sal

    I’m so jealous.