Star Ocean 4 Sells 131k on Day One in Japan
posted on 02.20.09 at 11:22 AM EDT by (@salromano)


Yesterday’s Japanese release of Star Ocean: The Last Hope was one of the biggest days for an Xbox 360 game in Japan. Square Enix’s Star Ocean: The Last Hope sold an amazing 131k, mainly due to the fact that it’s a JRPG. The game’s first day sales surpassed that of The Last Remnant, which sold only 79k, as well as that of White Knight Chronicles, which sold around 100k. Congratulations Square!

Japanese Sales [Ameblo]

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  • Skittles

    Correction: WKC did 132k first day.

  • Darth_Xehanort

    This is wrong.

    White Knight Chronicles sold 132,000 copies on its first day.