Xbox 360 Price Drops Coming September 7th
posted on 08.20.08 at 10:35 PM EDT by (@salromano)

By the week of September 7th, three Xbox 360 SKUs will be receiving price drops. The 60GB model will drop to $299 and the Elite will drop to $399. The arcade will drop $80 down to $199. That is one heck of a price drop and if you’re waiting out to buy your Xbox 360, September 7th is the week you can pick your’s up.

[Sources: Xbox 360 price cut week of Sept. 7; 60GB $299, Elite $399, Arcade $199]

  • CartmanLand

    When will the price drops occur in Europe and UK, around the same time? Because i want to get 360 for about £150 and that would be a great deal.