Square Enix Releases Loads of Screenshots from DKΣ3713
posted on 08.06.08 at 11:23 AM EDT by (@salromano)

Square Enix have released tons of screenshots of their upcoming titles from their recent DKΣ3713 event in Japan. The screenshot catalog goes as follows: The 3rd Birthday (PSP), Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP), Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (DS), Kingdom Hearts: Coded (Mobile), Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP), Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, 360), Final Fantasy Agito XIII (PSP), Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3), Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete (Blu-Ray), and Sigma Harmonics (DS).

View the screens at the link.

[DKΣ3713 Screenshots]

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    How the heck do I pronounce DKΣ3713?