PS3 Firmware v2.40 Now Live

July 2, 2008 / 12:25 AM EDT / (@)

Sony has finally released firmware 2.40 into the wild for all your messaging enjoyment. Get ready for trophy madness and the ability to message a friend or check messages without having to actually quit a game. Thank heavens.

Some initial observations:

• Clicking on a buddy’s name now pulls up their gamer card instead of the message list. To access the message list you must hit triangle and click “message list”.

• The gamer card replaces the profile option we had previously where it showed your languages and a short comment about yourself (not to be confused with you comment that your name displays on the main friends list).

• Ability to compare trophies after accessing a friends gamer card.

• There is no way that I found to hide the new clock in the upper right corner. I find this a bit of a nuisance. The clock is simple text, non graphical.

• When you click your controller to check its charger, the menu appears over the clock. Might want to move that I would think.

• There is now an option to power down your system from the user menu. Convenient for some? Maybe. I just use the controller to turn the system off, so not sure how useful that feature is.

• Option to quit a game in the game menu once your are playing it. Again, same as above.

• XMB is a little laggier when you access it in-game. Works fine though.

• The new internet search, which accesses google, works fine and very convenient.

Some of these you may already know from the video walkthroughs the other day, but I felt it was necessary to point out the initial things I saw when first booting up the new firmware and feeling it out. The firmware is much needed and we are glad it finally came out here at Scrawl. It has a few quirks, but nothing to worry about. Enjoy!

And what do you know? It actually came out slightly early as its still Tuesday in the USA.

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