Jack Tretton disappointed at Final Fantasy XIII multiplatform switch
posted on 07.16.08 at 03:25 PM EDT by (@salromano)

During a Q&A roundtable at E3 2008, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Jack Tretton said that Final Fantasy XIII‘s switch to multiplatform was because “Microsoft has spent the majority of their money on trying to curry favor with third parties.”

Asked if he was disappointed by the unsuspected announcement, Tretton responded: “I guess disappointed is clearly an appropriate term, or surprised.”

On the subject of third-party exclusives, he added: “I think software companies look and say ‘there’s no check big enough for us to do exclusive development’ …I think it’s going to be harder and harder to have third-party exclusives as we move forward.”

Sony’s Tretton: ‘Disappointed’ In Multiplatform FFXIII Through MS’ ‘Currying Favor’ [Gamasutra]

  • BandAiD

    Sony has my respect for not following the dastardly deeds that is Microsoft.

  • Caelum

    Sony is just dumb. They could have won this war if FFXIII was kept as an exclusive…but they’re so lazy siting in their throne with their policy of not paying for exclusives…Sony has lost the war the day FFXIII went multiplatform, mark my words…

  • FiftyQuid

    If I was a developer, I’d go multiplatform. It’s really a no brainer. 1 system, $1 Million. 2 systems, $2 Million. Which would you rather have?

  • Caelum

    Sony has a say in SE…can’t understand why they let it happen.

  • josh1122

    It’s a business. Sony more than anyone should know that. Sony just needs to step up their game, simple as that. I also agree with Quid. Multi-platform = more profit

  • comedian

    Money makes the world go round.

    Square enix lost money last fiscal year, so it’s not surprising that they were going to maximise there biggest profit maker.

    I think Sony COULD have retained this exclusive, thougth it would seem it would cost too much.

    Personally as much as it sucks for the fanboys, my biggest problem is that American/European will have to wait longer as Xbox360 and PS3 will launch at the same time despite Xbox360 developement starting after the PS3(which will give me an added incentive to restart learning japanese and to get reserve my place for a course next year).

  • Eric


    I disagree with you. One game will not break this system no matter how much you think it will. Its just not happening. The system has done fine to this point without it and even going multiplatform it will not be the undoing of Sony. To believe that is a bit foolish.