Comic-Con ’08: MK vs. DC Universe: Catwoman vs. Shangtsung Gameplay
posted on 07.27.08 at 07:05 PM EDT by (@salromano)

A new gameplay video of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe has came to us from Comic-Con ’08 showing DC’s Catwoman and Mortal Kombat‘s Shangtsung fighting. Who wins? Lets just say that Shangtsung pulls off killer moves, but he didn’t see Catwoman coming. Enjoy!

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  • incredibilistic

    I’m a lot more impressed with this game after seeing that little bit of video than I was watching the trailer.

    The animation in the trailer looks pathetic at best but it looks so fluid in the video. I also like the “interactive throw” that gets up-close and personal with the action as well as the fighting while falling mechanics.

    Very interesting. I might have to put this back on my list of games to buy.

  • Kaddas

    MK used to be one of my great great game in my early gaming life. I used to play it when it was arcade, and I used to go to FunPlix When I was in (Denver, CO)just to play the game, I loved the music , especially scorpio ’cause it was my favorite character for one reason which me being born in a month of scorpio zodiac , (^_^:)