Saints Row 2 Trailer Trashes Grand Theft Auto IV
posted on 06.04.08 at 10:27 PM EDT by (@salromano)

Volition has released a new trailer of Saints Row 2 that completely trashes Grand Theft Auto IV, but we must admit, it is one funny trailer. The game itself looks awesome with activities such as bank robbing, streaking, base jumping, car surfing, monster truck demolitions, and more. Enjoy the trailer!

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  • bunnyhero

    heh, that ad is pretty effective imho.

  • avfc52

    Where’s Jack Thompson now??
    You can’t campagn against a toned down GTA and not against this!

  • CartmanLand

    Funny, looks pretty fun to me, don’t think it’ll be gd as GTA, to my views on this game.

  • Jimfear666

    i’ll buy it!

    Any date revealed about this game?