GamePro August Issue Comes With Contest for Resistance 2 Beta Codes, Team ICO Game?
posted on 06.20.08 at 03:47 PM EDT by (@salromano)

The August 2008 issue of GamePro will have a new cover story on Resistance 2, calling it the “biggest game of 2008.” The issue also is having an exclusive contest giving away Resistance 2 beta codes. We hope to win ourselves one.

They also say that they have something else in this issue besides Resistance 2. They cannot reveal it now but say it is a “truly…colossal secret”. Could we be seeing the next thing from Team ICO?

[See GamePro’s new Resistance 2 cover, win a beta code]

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  • Joe

    It is great to see Resistance will have a public beta. I was wondering if it might just be KZ2. Plus if Team ICO has a new game coming out soon it will be in 09. But I will take any info on it I can get. Plus the reason I think it will be an 09 game is because ICO game out in 2001 then SOTC came out in 05 then 09 there new game will come out. That is my guess and I will take any info I can get.

  • Caelum

    Team ICO project must be the game that anyone dare to reveal or speak of… even Aussie OPM editor couldn’t reveal anything..and the BBC guy could get sued if he said anything. If it’s SOTC2 I’ll be definitely looking forward to it! Team ICO rulez xP

  • AznSniper

    I think you have it all wrong about it. The “colossal” secret is probably just a hidden reveal of one of the giant bosses you are going to fight in Resistance 2. Maybe just maybe Insomniac got in touch with Team ICO and chimaerafied one of their monsters from Shadow of the Colossus. Who knows?