Firmware 2.40 Will Not Include Private Voice Chat
posted on 06.02.08 at 05:39 PM EDT by (@salromano)

Sadly, firmware 2.40 will not include private voice chat. Look on the bright side though, this update will be packing so much, I think we can hold off until 2.4X until we get voice chat. Here is the direct quote from NeoGAF’s Jim:

In-game voice anything is not apparently in 2.40… but ya know, future firmware versions, who knows.

He also mentions that a lot of sites already seem to have the changelog and some even the actual working firmware, as he says none of these statements are guesses:

No one that has been confirming the details is guessing, there’s literally a changelog and documentation out there along with the actual working FW.I’m saying I’m shocked that the info hasn’t been straight up copy/pasted leaked. Most of the details, in one way or another, have been touched on. It’s nice to see some restraint. If it were something that could be spun negatively, I’m sure Kotaku would have already.

Anybody want to leak it? We don’t have that changelog sadly.


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