Rock Revolution: Do We Need Another Music Game?
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Konami is set to ship their iteration of a music based peripheral game this fall. The aptly named Rock Revolution will include both a guitar and “realistic” drums much like Rock Band or the upcoming Guitar Hero 4. Initially the game will ship with 40 songs, such as Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and Motley Crue’s “Dr. Feelgood.” Kicker is they are all cover songs. Not one original version. Konami also plans to support the game through downloadable songs over the PLAYSTATION Network.

Now in truth we can’t be so hard on Konami as they have actually been in the rhythm game business for almost 10 years. Most of their games have been arcade phenomenons over in Japan, but never have really seen the light of day over in the States. Konami has brought a few of their games over, though, as most of you should recognize such as Dance Dance Revolution and Karaoke Revolution. This Rock Revolution is just adding to that lineup.

Konami is adding a few new features that differentiates itself from other games of this series. It will feature a virtual music studio, which lets players create songs that include up to eight tracks, as well as a “jam mode” that will let users experiment with and record performances on the fly.

While we must admit that the music studio and recording does sound enticing and even giving credit to Konami for getting gamers into the whole “rhythm gaming,” we really have to ask, “Is this new series just a little too late?” Maybe this would have been a hit when Guitar Hero was first making its rounds, but with gamers now playing both Guitar Hero and Rock Band is this game really all that appealing? Cover songs don’t make this game seem so revolutionary and Konami is going to have to really step up to the plate to get people to buy into this one. [GALLERY]

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