Official Bayonetta Site Launches, New Interview

May 23, 2008 / 06:04 PM EDT / (@salromano)

The official website for SEGA and Platinum’s Bayonetta has opened today. The site contains the previously released trailer and screenshots. It also features a new interview with the game’s creator.

He says the game is a 3D action game, and explains why he is making it. His goal is “Pushing 3D Action to a New Dimension”. They plan on setting the clock for 3D action back in motion. This could be the “new” Devil May Cry we’ve all been waiting for.


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  • Shibbs

    I’m hoping this will be the game ive been waiting for, DMC is losing it’s zest, even though I love Dante and Vergil, the games aren’t living it up high enough.