Apparently, HAZE Sucks (or does it?)

May 20, 2008 / 06:30 AM EDT / (@salromano)

The first two big site reviews are in today from IGN and GameReactor for Free Radical’s HAZE. IGN gave it a sad 4.5/10 saying that it is a disappointment from a developer well versed in shooter mechanics. GameReactor gave it a 6/10, with the review being quickly pulled due to the fact that the UK reviews are not going up until the 23rd.

However, there is hope yet, Famitsu gave the game a 34/40 and PSM Italy gave it a 9/10. Do we have another LAIR on our hands?

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  • oval

    i played through the demo 10 or 15 times.
    coop makes a lot of fun.

    i will buy it :)

  • incredibilistic

    While Famitsu is a good barometer PSM is not. Just like OXM reviewing an exclusive game for a particular system from a magazine that does nothing but cover one system is suspect at the least.

    It’s like Halo. For ANY Xbox-centric magazine to NOT give Halo 3 a perfect score is like the anti-Christ of review scores.

    While 1Up and Gamespot will be good resources I’m waiting for a review from PS3Fanboy as well as The Scrawl before I completely write it off.

    But, as I said before, the demo didn’t impress me in the slightest and my expectations have been low anyway with all the delays this game has gone through.

  • Boberman

    Lair was better then IGN was making it out to be. The review had problems controling teh dragon in the 3rd level. And trust me it wasn’t that hard to pass it on my 1st try. While it wasn’ta great game it wasn’t horrible.

  • Maxkiller

    when will people find out that lair really is not that bad the controlls moving with the sixaxis was fine and now they made a update fixing that for those who didnt like it but really it was not even that hard to play i have the game and it really is not that bad the story is kinda good its not the best game in the world but i think theres just alot of hate and i don’t know why as for Haze i have played the demo it seems liike a other fps but im more into the story then anything cause i hear its kinda good so im buying it for the story more then the gameplay.

    like Britney please leave LAIR ALONE! lol

  • Fiddlesworth

    Where’s the story titled ‘Apparently, HAZE Rocks!’ for the positive reviews with high scores already received?

    Or were we waiting for negative reviews so we could beat the game down even further?

    I swear, there’s an inexplicable hatred for this game before anyone even sits down to play it.

  • Kaddas

    @Boberman ———- @Fiddlesworth
    I agree with you guys, couldn’t say it better.

  • Eric


    While that may be true to an extent, the problem is Free Radical was hyping this game to be something I never thought it would be. They made the game come off as something revolutionary and amazing and the demo showed this was obviously not true.

    I wont right the game off until I see a full set of reviews, but the demo itself made me not want to buy the game.

    As for IGN, they might be partially biased anyway as Free Radical banned them from a early hands on because they gave them a bad preview.

  • Shibbs

    And everyone said I was crazy, well guess who called it lol.

  • Eric

    I actually lied about the IGN being banned part. That was actually 1up.

  • incredibilistic

    I just read a review from Kotaku and they basically gave it a thumbs down as well. And while the review was negative you got a sense that the reviewer wanted a better game but just didn’t get it and apparently all the things that upset him about the game weren’t enough to overcome its problems.

    And like Eric said Free Radical really sold the game as something revolutionary and a true stand-out title in the PS3 library.

    Funny thing is that as the game got more and more delayed the team seemingly went into hiding in comparison to their openness (pre-visualizations, interviews, office visits) several months ago.

    While I’m sure people will still buy this game it may not earn a buy-a-PS3-for-this-game badge of honor like LBP or Metal Gear Solid 4 are bound to receive.

  • makeyoubald

    Wow, the thumbs-up from Famitsu is surprising considering that I gather there’s been mostly negative press concerning Haze. On the other hand, I’m not at all surprised that there is as much negative press as there clearly is. I was not at all impressed by the PSN demo – only a touch more so than I was by Turok, which was horrendous.